Q: Why is MyEtherWallet not supported?

A: We love MEW and use the application frequently. Unfortunately, many scammers have successfully impersonated MEW, resulting in the loss of funds for unsuspecting users. We have made the decision to direct purchasers of the XCB token through our custom registration flow in order to mitigate scams and make sybil attacks more difficult.

Q: Does an Ethereum address need to be funded with ETH in order to participate in registration?

A: No, but you must use the same address for both registration and purchase.

Q: Is the token sale first come first serve?

A: Every person that registers will get a chance to buy XCB tokens during the first 24 hours of the XCB token sale. Read this post to learn more about the structure of the XCB token sale.

Q: What is the price per XCB token?

A: $24,000,000 USD / 500,000,000 XCB tokens = $0.048 USD per token. ETH:USD exchange rate will be fixed and announced prior to the sale.